Shadow House Of Black Brick With Industrial Decor

This Shadow House by Liddicoat & Goldhill definitely attracts attention due to the color palette including the black brick on the exterior, isn’t it a breathtaking idea? The house replaces a former electricity substation and has strict planning restrictions on height. The interior is minimalist with industrial touches, and black brick is also made play inside – there are many brick walls. Works of art, lots of light and wooden furniture make the interior softer. All the storage solutions are simple and space-saving due to the dimension restrictions. In my opinion, it’s a great masculine space, don’t you think?

Luxurious Designer Rugs Home Collection

Not only furniture but also the surroundings should be stylish: walls, ceiling and floors. To make your floor cool you may use not only unusual tiles or laminated flooring but also rugs. Designer Rugs are famous for their meticulously handcrafted rugs, designs of which are created by famous modern artists. You may find very interesting rugs with a broad variety of textures and finishes of the highest standards that include New Zealand wool, silk, bamboo and viscose, along with textured yarns in cut, loop and shag pile. There are numerous styles and designs and you can choose some luxurious textures and looks for your stylish interiors.

Stylish And Cheerful Silver Lake House

Bestor Architecture created this Silver Lake house showing us how a stylish interior can be cheerful and refreshing. The design is simple and light: neutral colors, lots of wood and other warm materials, classical elements and comfortable furniture. I love the unexpectedly green kitchen furniture in combination with copper lamps and a brick wall – a very stylish mix! The living space gives a slight hint at the mid-century style due to the furniture but orange color takes us back to the 21st century. Black and white is a classical scheme for any space but to make it cheerful the designers chose whale pattern for the bathroom. Thanks to the right choice of furniture the house look very inviting and by no means boring.

Minimalist Light Wood Loft With Smart Solutions

This loft in New York created by Paul Palandjian shows how stylish minimalism may look. The main problem was that the space should have been divided into zones – living zone, dining zone, sleeping zone, and the designer approached this problem creatively. He chose big dark curtains for the bed to make this zone more private; the table in the center was accentuated with the help of an unusual lamp; the storage is inside the wall cabinets; the working zone is also separated by the curtains. Light wood chosen for design contrasts with dark accents, and in combination with minimalist style it looks amazing!

Stylish Dark Kitchen Design With Industrial Touches

What can be better than a modern stylish kitchen with a slight industrial touch? Have a look at Vessels Cocinas by TC-Interiors, it’s amazing! The furniture is dark though it doesn’t look masculine; the lighting is organized so that it illuminates the space at maximum, it looks industrial just like the brick wall. Green plants make the space more alive, the appliances used are hi-tech and there’s even a wine storage. Modern wicker furniture looks refreshing and helps to make a light impression. So, this kitchen lives not really masculine but very stylish, modern and slightly industrial – a perfect space to make some culinary masterpiece!

Amazing Eastern-Style Rooftop Terrace Garden Of A New York Duplex

Imagine living in a big city, one of the biggest in the world, and having though a place where nothing would disturb you and you can relax. This duplex penthouse loft in prime Chelsea has a rare, private garden paradise atop. Look at these fantastic seatings, all in green! They are so comfortable and stylish! There are plants of different kinds and sizes, and the terrace looks like a tropical forest thanks to them. There’s also a corner for sitting with friends under a shed – in case of abundant sun. Fire bowls, Buddha figures, a fountain and some more Eastern decorations make you feel like you were in Thailand. What an amazing space!

Qwerty Sofa Bed To Bring Some Humor In

Spending much time at your computer or lap top? Are You crazy about computers? You’ll love this design! ZO_loft created kitschy Qwerty keyboard sofa – it’s a funny piece that is sure to cure your interior decor depression and bring a humorous touch to your space. This sofa remains great for any interior – from your modern living room to an IT company’s waiting area. Thanks to micro electric motors controlled by a remote control, every single key-cushion is adjustable in height to give total freedom to the full available surface. It’s not only a sofa – it’s a sofa bed that is proposed to hold you on its soft “keys” on evenings while working in the office or at home on a rainy afternoons spent watching the home video.


Classical And Glamorous Bedroom Design In Cold Pink

Designer Amanda Nisbet is very good at combining colors and fashionable tendencies with classical ideas. Classics by Amanda looks non-standard, non-traditional and special. Look at this bedroom, it’s a real source of inspiration! The colors are cold pink, many shades of brown, white and a drop of black. The style chosen is classical but the accessories and touches are glam! Look at the elegant fireplace with armchairs that make the room inviting, soft voluminous bed head and dramatic colors and textures – they look fantastic and give the room a special charm. The atmosphere is calm, cozy and harmonious – as it should be in a bedroom – but the design is peculiar and cool! Do you agree?


Elegant Feminine Dining Room Design Ideas

Does your dining room lack femininity? Do you want to bring some romance in? Have a look at these amazing girlish dining rooms that also bring some spring in! Flower patterns, delicate accessories, pastel colors would help you to make the room feminine. Choose vintage or shabby chic style that are extremely exquisite and give a refined touch. White color is amazing as a main one, it would make the space airy. Curtains and tablecloths with ruffles and feminine patterns, exquisite chandeliers and candle holders will add the needed romantic look. Don’t forget about the family photos and beautiful pictures, they will make the space especially cozy. Enjoy the ideas below!