Pink Bathroom Design

Modern Pink Bathroom Desain by Laufen
Each person usually has a favorite color, and wanted to have something in accordance with his favorite color. So also by making bathroom design. Normally most girls want to have a bathroom with pink color. Bathroom with pink color will look more sweet and feminine. In this case Laufen makes the design of a bathroom with pink color, which began with the walls, sink, toilet seat covers and even curtains bathtub. Pink color is also very suitable in combination with white or black color to make colors brighter and cleaner. With the added furniture other furniture are funny like a mirror, place a soap and others make the bathroom look more unique and interesting.
Modern Bathroom Design with Pink and Black Furniture
Modern Minimalist Pink Bathroom Desain
Modern Pink Bathroom Desain
Modern Washbasin Design
Pink and White  Washbasin Design