Small Apartment Living Room Design Ideas

If you want your apartment living room look spacious with a particularly small size, maybe you can do some things like:
apartment living room ideas

  1. Avoid using large-sized sofa because the sofa width would only narrow your living room. It would be better if you choose a sofa with a length and a minimalist look to your living area.
  2. Do not put a large glass table in your living room. It would be better if you put a small table beside the sofa living room to make your room look more spacious.
  3. Do not use the sofa pillows, because pillows sofa can give the impression as if your living room filled with a lot of stuff that will make your apartment living room into a narrow plasticity.
  4. Use lights that are small sized and shaped long and place it in the corner.
  5. Use only one sofa, the rest would be better to use a rug in front of the sofa because of the familial, settings like this sofa will be able to strengthen the sense of family because there is no distance between the guest and the owner of the apartment.
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