Cool Small Kitchen Design

You might think it's impossible to fit everything you feel you need for a functioning kitchen in such a small space. There's no doubt that small kitchens present a challenge, but rest assured that even the tightest kitchen spaces can be fully functional. As you might imagine, some of the most important factors in making a small kitchen efficient are the appliances. LG makes a remarkable appliance for small kitchen spaces: an over-the-range microwave that functions both as a microwave and an exhaust hood.

We've saved, by just using smaller appliances, 18"-24". Have you always wanted a pantry cabinet in your small kitchen? There are plenty of small kitchen design solutions out there that put your space to full use. Kitchen designers can come up with solutions to all the small kitchen design problems you can think of, so don't worry that your small kitchen is hopeless!

Having a small kitchen is something that many people have to deal with. The best way of maximizing your kitchen space is to ensure that you have sufficient storage space.

Finding enough storage space for your kitchen utensils and groceries in a small kitchen is of utmost importance. You need to find or create enough space for all your kitchen necessities. This can be done with a well-organized kitchen remodel.

To create more space in a small kitchen you need to be creative. Why not install floor to ceiling kitchen cupboards? To maximize your under counter storage space you can fit rotating cupboard shelves on the corners of any kitchen fitting. Once you have maximized your storage space, you will also need to create more space for yourself in your kitchen. When remodeling a small kitchen, tiny details can make a huge difference. If you wish you have a kitchen rug, choose a small one. This will help to give the appearance of a larger kitchen area. Create more overhead space by hanging your light fittings closer to the roof.

Be sure to buy appropriate furniture for your remodeled kitchen. Instead of buying a kitchen table, rather install a kitchen counter with stools or high chairs that can be moved under the kitchen counter when they are not being used. This can be a huge space saver!

Small kitchen remodeling is a challenge even for the most savvy of home owners. Designs that are too busy will not work for your small kitchen, though, because this will create an atmosphere of confusion.

The best arrangement of cabinets and appliances for a small kitchen space is the galley kitchen style. Your cabinets deserve much attention in your small kitchen remodeling project. In order to have more counter space, you can put in extra deep lower cabinets. Small refrigerators save space and miniature microwaves conserve counter space. You can finish the layering of the lights with kitchen track lighting. It is not an easy task to do small kitchen remodeling for the first time.